User Guidelines

Welcome to the user guidelines section of Blog and Bloggers that is an ethical content distribution system. In this section you can find guidelines to use this system more effectively.

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This is the first milestone to access a new experience of blogging. This page provides social media links of Blog and Bloggers on the top right corner. You can share new ideas and communicate with blogging community frequently. Visiting these social media pages is really a worthy activity to keep you up-to-date with latest trends in the market. Moreover, existing users of Blog and Bloggers can sign in here to access the outstanding features of this system. If you are not an existing user of Blog and Bloggers, you can choose “Free Sign Up” to connect. You can “Browse Articles” to access the high quality content well arranged in various categories.

Free Sign Up

This process takes a few minutes to complete. User Name is your unique identifier in the system and needs to be alpha-numeric, without any space or other special characters. This will result into a specific URL (Profile Link) like that you can use anywhere as your introduction/Profile. It is important to note, you should provide Email Address, which you use frequently. In this way you can get timely alters and make other communication effectively.

Password must have minimum six alpha-numeric characters. Spaces and other specials are not allowed. Provide your real First Name and Last Name that will appear on your Public Profile as well. This will help other users to recognize you easily. Similarly provide your Date of Birth, Location, Gender and Profile Picture to complete your Personal Information.

Social Information appends great value to your profile. You should provide links of your social media profiles to involve your social worth to your blogging experience. Blog and Bloggers favor the profiles having proper social information. In case, you are a free user and providing social media distribution that will increase the chances to get more articles.

Terms and Conditions are to be read and agreed, before you “Save and Continue” that completes the Free Sign Up process. Now you can check your email to get welcome email from Blog and Bloggers.

Add Your Blog(s)

Provide the blogs that you own in the format Primary Category is the most relevant category that you will select. Two optional categories are also available, in case your blogs cover them as well. Provide relevant comma-separated Tags that will include your blog into particular searches. You can add number of blogs and then you can “Verify and Continue” or “Skip and Continue” to proceed further.

Verification of Blog(s)

Blog Verification is a process to confirm the ownership. You need to copy the given code into the header section of your blogs respectively i.e. between <head> and </head> tag. After adding the code, click “Verify Now” button for each of blog. You will see the system generated message about verification. After verifying all your blogs, you can click on “Continue”. That will take you to your profile page.

Article Gallery

Articles are categorized in different categories, written by authenticated authors. These well crafted articles are outcome of forgery and plagiarism check. This is the area where you can offer your services to publish specific article on your specific blog that you have added in your profile. Search is another feature of Article Gallery which can work on different parameter like Keyword, Title or User.

Get an Article

You can “Preview” an article in Article Gallery. If you think, this article is relevant to your blog and you want to publish on your blog, you can make an offer to “Get This Article”. Select your blog, publishing time (time in which you can put it live on your blog) and if you are providing social distribution etc.


Dashboard provides all information regarding the articles, which includes My Offers, Accepted Offers, Posted Articles, Content Distribution, Live Articles and Pending to Publish

Dashboard (for blog owners)

You can view information regarding your offers in “My Offers” that you have made in Article Gallery section. Furthermore, this page is also showing the status of your offers. When your offer is accepted by correlated author/content distributor, your article will be listed in “Accepted Offer”. After Publishing the article on your blog and submitting the URL of that article accordingly, you can find it in “Posted Articles”.

Dashboard (for Content Writers)

“Content Distribution” is very significant area for content writers to distribute their content. As a content writer, you can “Submit New Article” with links, images, author bio and relevant category of article. This area shows you all your articles that are submitted and pending for review. Blog and Bloggers has its own mechanism to check the submitted article regarding their quality and plagiarism. This system can send your article back to you to make it up to the mark in block “Revision Required”.

When the article gets approval to publish then it will appear in Article Gallery of Blog and Bloggers under the option “Live in Gallery”. Now preview (limited) of this article is available for all the users of Blog and Bloggers. They can make an offer to publish this article on their blog. You can accept any offer through “My Articles” button. This section allows you to accept any offer under the heading of “No of Interests”. All offers are listed in a popup with relevant blog owner (Publisher), blog, time (in which a publisher pledge to publish), availability of social media distribution and PR of the blog (on which this article may publish after getting your approval). “My Articles” section also facilitate you to “invite” the other users to view your article, Edit and even you can Delete your article for some reason. In the last section, “Pending to Publish”, you have a complete information regarding the articles which are about to publish.

B & B Circle

Blog and Bloggers provides a unique feature to get in touch with relevant users. You can add some one to your circle while visiting his/her profile. This will maintain a friend list and you can get notifications while the specific user performs some relevant activity.

My Subscriptions

My Subscriptions is the area where you can express your interests. Blog and Bloggers will send you notifications when relevant activity is performed in your subscribed category. In this way you can get maximum benefit through keeping yourself up to date.